Marcy Tilton Designer Fashion Fabrics
A majesty of mountains celebrates earth's beauty in shades of rust, brown, and black on a deep teal background. Fine quality designer deadstock from an Italian mill. Shirting weight cotton, opaque, with a soft, smooth hand, a 23” repeat, and lightly crisp drape. 
Artistic watercolor strokes in shades of purple, blue, black, golden ochre and white, in a beautiful quality creamy linen digital print. Light/shirting weight, opaque, with a smooth cool dry hand, soft airy drape, 36" repeat and minimal wrinkling.
Immerse yourself in a garden's kaleidoscopic beauty, floating flowers on a white base in a fine-quality creamy linen digital print. Light/shirting weight, opaque, with a smooth, cool, dry hand, soft, airy drape, 23” repeat, and minimal wrinkling. 
An artistic and gorgeous garden of flowers in shades of brown, rust, blue, and gray on a natural linen color blend of viscose and linen. Linen gives the fabric body, and the viscose keeps wrinkles to a minimum.
Shades of green on warm white in a sophisticated shibori print, deadstock from an Italian mill. I am always on the hunt for greens, and this one is stunning! Silky smooth cotton shirting with a soft fluid drape. 
Stunning artful abstract in a softly blurred black and white print on a fine quality cotton woven. Appealing graphic is deadstock from an Italian mill. Light shirting weight, with a smooth matte hand, 12½” repeat, and light drape.
Stunning stylized collage of classic Corinthian column details in blue, red, and gold, with black accents on a beautiful quality white viscose woven. 
Fabulous floral in a sophisticated pastiche of color and style—a stunning versatile and gorgeous print on fine quality cotton voile. Dramatic designer deadstock from an Italian mill.
Fabulous filagree in a beautiful blue and white cotton woven. Fine quality deadstock from a southern California designer. Lightweight, with a touch of lingerie show through, a smooth hand, soft drape and 28" repeat. 
Dramatic geometric graphics in carmine, ivory, and black on deep indigo blue are printed and produced by hand in India in fine-grained lightweight shirting cotton. The base fabric is opaque and has a smooth, cool hand and light, airy drape.
Dramatic and on-trend large-scale abstract floral digital print in purple, lavender, gray, and black, designer deadstock from an Italian mill. Mid/light shirting weight cotton, opaque, with a smooth cool hand and airy crisp drape.
Beautiful deep purple and white with black in a lively spontaneous natural design, deadstock from an Italian mill. The base fabric is a light shirting weight cotton with a smooth hand, 16” repeat, and light soft drape.
BY KATHERINE TILTON — Band collar tops have a front placket closure with offset buttons and a pointed hemline. View A top has 3/4 sleeves and View B top is sleeveless with inseam side pockets.