The basics are back but with a twist on tradition!
Marcy Tilton Designer Fashion Fabrics
Bonjour from Paris!

It’s day two of our weekend special celebrating TRENDING FABRICS that my designing sister Katherine and I are spotting all over Paris right now. Shop today (10/23/22)

The basics are back big time, but with a twist. We’re seeing a veritable plethora of pattern play with plaids and paisleys plus a trend of clashing hues that challenge traditional colorways.

Window shopping in Paris right now is like going on a fashion safari of sorts. Animal prints are everywhere, often combined with a menagerie of other motifs in a single garment. The visual effect is often mesmerizing.

Below is a selection of some of the 160+ fabrics on sale this weekend in the TRENDING COLLECTION. Your savings will be automatically applied to all fabrics in your cart from the collection.

 Happy Sewing!
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