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Hello Sewing Friends!

Today I am happy to bring back the BLACK & WHITE collection with some exquisite new arrivals including laces, linings and so much more. You will also find a spot sale on select fabrics in the BLACK & WHITE collection marked down up to 60% off.

I love color in my garden, on my plate, around my home and just about everywhere except my wardrobe which is decidedly based on black. When my designing sister and I are on fabric adventures I am always buying up the best black and white fabrics I can find—both to bring them to you and for my personal stash.

New notables today include a set of exquisite embroidered lace on fine white mesh ideal for brides to be and beyond. They are high fashion at its finest! In particular, definitely do not miss ALHAMBRA and GRAND BOL, two of the most striking large-format lace fabrics we have ever found.

Below are some of our faves from the collection. You will find over a hundred more available now in the BLACK & WHITE collection on

 Happy Sewing!
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