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In response to the great silk blight of the 1840s, Rayon was invented as a silk alternative and has since gotten a bit of bad rap since. The industrial-era term even sounds synthetic, but it’s actually not. Rayon is the only manmade fabric produced with natural fibers, and is increasingly sustainable to produce using high-tech, closed-loop systems. Plus rayon is milled with more sustainable fibers such as those from the world’s fastest growing plant, bamboo

The modern rayon industry did not really begin until after 1884, when Count Hilaire Chardonnet of France patented his method of imitating the silkworm in the production of a filament of cellulose. As a student Chardonnet had worked in Paris with Pasteur, who sought a cure for the silkworm disease. While watching silkworms convert the cellulose of mulberry trees into silk the young chemist was in­spired to imitate their achievement. His first successful silk substitute yarn was exhibited at the Paris Exposition in 1889. 

Today rayon comes in many grades including viscose, modal and lyocell. It is a go-to fabric for top fashion designers for good reason. It’s not only getting greener, but next-generation blends are resulting in better fabrics to work with and wear. The benefits of rayon go way beyond being greener.

Here are my top seven reasons to love rayon right now.

Fabulous Prints
Flattering Drape
Increasingly Sustainable
Next-Generation Blends
More Affordable
Smooth Hand
Natural Fibers

When rayon is woven together with traditional fibers such as cotton, linen and silk, the blend brings out the best in both fibers. I hope you love our new rayon prints. When you see that a rayon fabric is Oeko-Tex certified, you can buy assured knowing it is made with the most earth-friendly practices in the industry.

Below are some of our favorite new rayon prints. You will find them all and more in the WOVEN PRINTS COLLECTION on

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