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Hello Sewing Friends!

Today I am happy to bring you some new additions to the LINEN WOVENS COLLECTION starting with a sophisticated set of yarn-dyed solids featuring a selection of classic cross weaves.

Many of our linens come to us from Poland, a country and culture with a rich textile tradition producing some of the world’s finest long-fiber linens. Recent archaeological discoveries indicate that flax appeared in Central Europe as early as 5600 years B. C.

In Poland flax growing and weaving was one of the first industries. Nearly every home had a spinning wheel and weaving frame. Families grew flax in their fields and every home had a linen closet that contained the dowry for they daughters. At the time, linen was worth more than gold. 

In 1829, the Association of Linen Products was established in Zyrardow, Poland by Karol Scholtz, the Lubienski brothers and Jozef Lubowidzki. A linen weaving factory was later installed in the town in 1830. The Zyrardow company name became a world-famous brand synonymous with exceptional quality linen fabrics. 

Today Poland still produces impeccable linen fabrics, and I am always excited to bring you more. Below is a selection of some of our new and best-selling linen wovens. You will find them all and more in the LINEN WOVENS COLLECTION on MARCYTILTON.com.

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