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Hello Sewing Friends!

Our weekend KANTHATHON continues again today with the release of new reversible embroidered indigo over-dyed kantha quilts. These authentic handmade throws are the ultimate in shabby chic.
In India, kanthas are a time-honored family tradition. The dreamy double-sided quilts are passed down mother to daughter—each generation patching new pieces to create ever more magical mosaics. Each kantha is utterly unique. No two are alike.
Again today here is a little decoder to help you understand the acronyms I used in the names.

Antique Vintage Quilt
heavier weight — featuring up to 7 layers

Fine Vintage Quilt
lighter weight — featuring 2-3 layers

Indigo Vintage Quilt
lighter weight — over-dyed in natural indigo
The cotton and silk shawls are all approximately the same size. The modern quilts are also similar in size to each other. The vintage quilts vary in size, so make sure to check measurements and weight.

We still have a stunning selection of cotton and silk kantha shawls, quilts and yardage available in the ARTISAN KANTHAS collection. The make great gifts too!

Happy Stashing & Sewing!
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