Chiffon, Drepe du Chine, Dupioni, Georgette, Taffeta & More
Marcy Tilton Designer Fashion Fabrics
Hello Sewing Friends!

Today I’m happy to bring you some stunning new silks featuring a selection of silk deadstock from top LA designers including Johnny Was along with some extraordinary handmade artisan silk kanthas from India. We also have a handful of silk endcuts available from this season’s most popular styles. You’ll find silk chiffon, crepe du chine, dupioni, georgette, taffeta and a few beautiful blends with linen and viscose.

As the reigning queen of all fibers, silk is the strongest natural filament on earth. In fact, if you scaled a single silk thread up to the size of a steal beam, silk would be stronger. Yet somehow silk also magically manages to keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer—all while delivering unrivaled softness, shimmer and sheen.

 A single cocoon is made of a continuous strand of raw silk stretching about one kilometer long. Four to eight strands are required to create a single silk thread. For a little perspective, it takes roughly 2,500 cocoons to produce one pound of raw silk, and unravelling them all is no easy business. 

 Happy Sewing!
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