Classic to Cutting Edge Fabrics from France, India, Italy & Japan
Marcy Tilton Designer Fashion Fabrics
Hello Sewing Friends!

Today I am happy to bring you some visually delicious new deadstock additions to the CIRCLES & DOTS COLLECTION starting with a scrumptious set of Italian viscose prints. 

Fabrics featuring circles and dots are one of my go-to motifs because they are design workhorses that can stand alone and play well with other patterns. From polka dots to pin dots, distinguished designers have been using dots for decades, but going back a bit further, dots have a spotty history.

Before the Industrial Revolution, early textile technology was not advanced enough to create symmetrical circles on fabric. With the advent of the sewing machine in the mid-1800s, the creation of perfectly round and evenly spaced dots finally became possible.

Today my designing sister Katherine and I look for both classic and cutting edge circles and dots in all shapes and sizes. In the CIRCLES & DOTS COLLECTION you will find a curated selection featuring fabrics from France, India, Italy and Japan.

 Happy Sewing!
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