A Sumptuous Selection of New Fabrics
Marcy Tilton Designer Fashion Fabrics
Hello Sewing Friends!

Today I am happy to bring you a sumptuous selection of new CORDUROYS and VELVETS. But first, here is a bit of backstory on what we call ‘cords'.

Corduroy’s earliest ancestor was a cotton known as “fustian” from Egypt around 200 BC. Italian merchants introduced the weave to Europe, where blue bloods clamored for its coziness in their stone cold castles, most notably King Henry VIII. 

According to the company lore of bespoke British brand Brooks Brothers, modern waled corduroy is said to have emerged as factory wear in Manchester, England during the Industrial Revolution. Levi Strauss later included corduroy in its 1901 catalogs, and by the 1920s corduroy was on the catalog cover.

Corduroy remained workwear until the 1960s when a generation of college students ditched denim jeans popular with their parents for cozier corduroy slacks donned by beatniks. Soon after, corduroy became the go-to casual cotton for preps and surfers and continued its rise from counter culture to haute couture. Today, top designers treat corduroy like royalty again where it reigns supreme in the world’s fashion capitals.

And finally today, the picture above is Enso pictured on WILDWOOD. When I am in the photo studio shooting, he loves to pop in and pose on his favorite fabrics, no prompting. Too cute.

 Happy Sewing!
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