Cool crinkled cottons ideal for hot climates
Marcy Tilton Designer Fashion Fabrics
Hello Sewing Friends!

Today I’m happy to bring some new additions to our popular SEERSUCKER & PLISSÉ COLLECTION

So what’s the difference between seersucker and plissé anyway? First let’s look at what they have in common, texture. Seersucker is texturized by its weave. Plissé takes its name from the French word for fold which is a modern day misnomer because the effect is actually created by applying a caustic soda which causes the fabric to crinkle.

Both plissé and seersucker share the same quality of being beautifully breathable. The puckers creates air pockets which provide a natural cooling effect. Today’s new plissé come to us from Japan, where some of the finest cottons are created. If you love tactile fabrics that add texture to a garment, then SEERSUCKER & PLISSÉ are for you.

 Happy Saving & Sewing!
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