The Year in Garments
Marcy Tilton Designer Fashion Fabrics
Featured above is Vogue 1817 made with fabrics from our FLANNEL collection.
Above I used TEMPLE GARDEN and V1733, one of my favorite designs for Vogue Patterns. Check out my blog post titled Split Funnel Neck Tunic for more panel sewing tips.
Above is Katherine’s B6521 using a collage of fabrics from our LIBERTY TANA LAWN collection.
Above we used dark florals from our PONTE COLLECTION.
The black bag and top above are made with BROCANTE, a colorful cotton from our WOVEN COTTONS collection.
The bag above is made with FLYING COLORS, one of our popular crossover cottons ideal for fashion and decor.
The trio of tops above were made with fabrics from our STRIPES collection. We love pattern play, particularly mixing and matching classic stripes to create a thoroughly modern look.
Shown above are two examples from my wardrobe. On the left I lined the sleeves to create haute couture cuffs. On the right I lengthened a simple sleeveless camisole pattern and used lining to created a smooth silky under layer. Please note that these are garments I created way back from fabrics no longer in stock.
The dress above was made with pattern play using cottons from our IKAT collection.
The tops above were made with fabrics from our FLANNEL collection.
Above is V1784 made with fabrics from our WOVENS collection.
The top above is made with REDWOOD HERRINGBONE.
The top above was made with MAPQUEST, a French cotton knit milled exclusively for
Above you’ll see B6863 using fabric from our ARTISAN KANTHA collection.
Beth used AMETHYST HEATHER, a beautiful Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton jersey knit. Note her super stylish stitching on the trim—très on trend! For her fitted jacked Beth used COLONEL MUSTARD, a super soft brush fleece blend featuring Okeo-Tex certified hemp, organic cotton and bamboo. 
Above is V1817 made with an out-of-stock fabric from our ARTISAN KANTHAS collection.
After coming across an eye-popping $1100 Liberty Tana Lawn tunic while snoop-shopping noodle stories, I decided to make my own version. Above is the tunic I created using fabric from our LIBERTY TANA LAWN collection.
The above tops are made with fabrics from our LINEN WOVENS collection.
The dress above is made with GRAND TETON CHECK.
My designing sister Katherine’s dress design B6784 for Butterick made by blending different sized linen checks from our CHECKS collection.
Above you’ll see a stunning silver used to make my designing sister Katherine’s asymmetrical top design B6521 along with a glamorous gold used to make her B6719 contemporary jean jacket design—both available from Butterick. Also, check out Katherine’s post on my blog with tips for sewing B6719. The fabrics were METALLIC LINENS.
 Above is Katherin’s B6817 pattern available from Butterick. She blended MAGMA, AUGUSTE and MISSUS TWEEDY to create this tres on-trend signature top. For sewing tips on the pattern check out her post A Couple of Cool Combinations on my blog.
Above is V1808 featuring fabrics from our KNITS collection.
Above is Gwen Spencer’s version of my designing sister Katherine’s B6422 pattern made with a silk from our ARTISANS KANTHA collection.
The above tops feature fabrics from our FRENCH DIGITALS collection.
The little girl’s dresses above were made with ANGIE, a vibrant painterly floral, and EMMALINE, a colorful geometric collage in two colorways. Both are from our FRENCH DIGITALS collection.
The above tops were made with EVE and FRANKIE from our FRENCH DIGITALS collection.
Above is B6817 featuring CORINTHIAN PAISLEY and CLAUDE blended with JOEL GRAY, one of our perennially popular striped knits
The jacket and vest shown above was made with fabrics from our V1817 collection.
Shown above from our INDIA collection is MORNING STAR DOTS, a very fine old-school Indian cotton broadcloth, used to make the V9112 summer dress pattern.
The shirts above feature BLACK LETTERS and BLACK GRAPHIX from our FRENCH DIGITALS collection.
Above is V9329 by Carol made with LUCHENZA, a French cotton knit milled for
Above is Carol’s version of the ELLSWORTH SHIRT made with SMITH and WATSON, a couple of classics currently available in the FLANNEL collection.
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