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Today I’m happy bring some exceptional new knit and woven rayon prints. While most fabrics fall neatly into one of two fiber types, natural or synthetic, the rayon family falls somewhere in between. Rayon is a semi-synthetic cellulosic fiber made from natural sources such as bamboo and beech. The rayon family of fibers comes in three types: viscose, modal and lyocell.

Luxuriously smooth viscose is strikingly similar to silk.In fact it was originally created as a silk substitute during a the great silkworm blight of the late 19th century. Viscose is known for being absorbent, lightweight, breathable, soft, shapely and dye fast.

Made from beech pulp and often blended with other fibers like cotton, Modal is famous for a long list of benefits. It is stretchy, soft, breathable, absorbent, durable, draped, eco-friendly, colorfast and biodegradable. On top of that Modal doesn’t shrink or crease.

Lyocell is more similar to cotton or linen and the most absorbent of the three fibers in the rayon family. It is produced using next-generation eco-friendly technology. Developed in 1972, lyocell is silky, lightweight, cooling, absorbent and naturally antimicrobial. 

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