Authentic Artisan Cottons from India for High Fashion and Home Decor
Marcy Tilton Designer Fashion Fabrics
Hello Sewing Friends!

I’m happy to bring you the next set in our series of classic cotton kanthas from India. In contrast with yesterday’s patchwork cottons, today’s new kanthas are whole-cloth cottons featuring a printed patchwork design and solid hand dyed backing. Both styles are shown below for comparison. They are all handmade in 10-12 yard pieces. So feel free to contact us if you would like one entire piece for a project.

Also below you’ll find a numbered pair of limited-edition, special cuts. These small-batch, hand-printed Indian cottons are stash-worthy scores featuring a lightly textured hand and crisp drape. Finally today we have a pair of over-dyed wabi sabi canvas cottons in blue and charcoal featuring fabulous raw seams on one side and finished patchwork on the other. Whether you’re sewing a haute couture coat, full-length frock or home decor accessories, these authentic artisan cottons from India are ideal for fashion, decor and more.

 Happy Saving & Sewing!
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